All our glasses come with Reflection Free, UV Protection and Scratch Resistant lenses as standard for both adults and children.

Dispensing is an integral part of the service. Dr Whittle’s 20 years ophthalmological expertise means that he’s able to conduct a thorough examination before prescribing and dispensing glasses or contact lenses. This continuity of advice ensures that he’ll detect any potentially serious eye conditions whilst recommending the best and most appropriate solution for your eyes. A recent “Which’ survey (June 2012) highlighted the perils and pitfalls of so-called bargain glasses and on-line deals with more than 2 out of 5 pairs being substandard. With us the emphasis is on quality of service as well as eyewear.

We also advise on and dispense sports eyewear, safety glasses for occupational needs and most of our frames can be glazed as prescription sunglasses.

This is in additional to a large stock of designer and good quality frames for all the family. We can accommodate for items not in stock where possible.

Appointments can also be made to specifically choose glasses at a later stage or using a prescription from another practice; however in the latter case following best practice the prescription needs to be verified before ordering glasses and a retest may be necessary.

Contact lens review appointments are incorporated into the eye examination but for new contact lens patients contact lens fitting appointments are charged at £15.00 per 15 minutes.

A wide choice of designer frames at very competitive prices.

The prices displayed are for the complete item including single vision lenses with UV protection and  multi-layer antireflective coating as standard. This coating prevents the troublesome reflections from the lens surface that spectacle wearers (especially those who are short-sighted) are all too aware of. Following the established trend in the up-market continental European practices we include this coating as standard.

Many other coatings for spectacle lenses are available and we can provide them all: Colour tints can be incorporated either for cosmetic reasons or to reduce glare from intense light; Ultraviolet filters are incorporated with neutral tints in sunglasses; Photochromic lenses change shade in response to different lighting conditions, i.e. go darker in bright light; Scratch resistant coatings and water repellent coatings are self-explanatory.

Not only do we offer bifocal and varifocal lenses, but we also provide aspheric and high index lenses. For people with very strong prescriptions who don’t want thick lenses we can offer two state of the art lens technologies to give thinner and lighter lenses. By using a carefully designed curvature to the lens – termed an aspheric curvature – and a specially formulated material that bends light more – termed a high index resin or glass – it is possible to create thinner and lighter lenses. Aside from comfort these lenses allow patients to choose from a much wider variety of styles, whereas in the past they would have had to make do with a more limited choice.

We offer polycarbonate lenses, which are particularly tough and scratch resistant for use in safety glasses.

Macular degeneration is something that will affect most of us in later life and influencing factors include a lifetime exposure to ultraviolet and near violet light. It is vital we protect the next generation and therefore particularly important for children  as around 80% of damage from UV and blue light occurs before the age of 18.

As a result of this Optical Solutions now incorporates UV protection in all it’s spectacles for adults and children.

For children we have a wide range of fashionable frames. Children receive NHS vouchers towards the cost of glasses, however because children can get through a number of pairs of spectacles in a short time, we try to keep the cost as low as possible. We also stock some designer frames for children.

Prescription sunglasses are highly personalised items. Most of our spectacle frames are suitable for glazing as prescription sunglasses and we can advise on suitable tint density and colour giving you the freedom to read comfortably on holiday or drive safely in the sun.

Protecting your eyes from the sun or when you’re in high glare areas such as near snow or water is vital. Cumulative UV exposure can increase your risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration and causes sun damage to the vulnerable skin around the eyes.

Our sunglasses can be tinted to four broad categories of density usually in brown or grey. Other colours are possible. The UV protection is the same, regardless of the tint providing maximum protection from the sun’s most damaging UVA and UVB rays.

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