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Technological improvements, which draw on modern optics and state of the art polymer chemistry, have accompanied increased understanding of the function of the surface of the human eye to produce lenses that combine good oxygen permeability, surface properties that render them more compatible with the surface of the eye and surface curvatures with the desired optical properties. Combined with the commercial economies of scale, the result is that for most new contact lens wearers the choice is between monthly replacement and daily disposable contact lenses which combine the desired properties.

The result of the current high quality of composition is that lenses are more comfortable and are safer as regards infection risk although I along with many other ophthalmologists do not generally recommend overnight wear of lenses.


Contact lenses have the obvious cosmetic advantage for people who don’t like to wear glasses and can give better vision than glasses for patients who need a very high correction by eliminating the edge distortion of thick spectacle lenses. The monthly or quarterly ordering of disposable lenses means that the cost is broken down into instalments.


There are sensible limits to the length of time contact lenses can be worn, and there are also times when contact lenses should be avoided such as if a patient has a cold, conjunctivitis, hay fever or any inflammatory eye condition. They should also not be worn in heavily polluted or contaminated environments.

Patients with severe dry eyes and blepharitis should only wear contact lenses with caution and under specialist supervision to both advise on safe wear and help control the underlying condition.

The other important point to emphasise is that contact lens patients must have an up to date pair of glasses.

Why Optical Solutions?

Our prices are competitive, including comparison with the online retailers, and Optical Solutions provides full advice and support regarding safe and effective use of contact lenses which can only be provided face to face. Because we only dispense lenses from proven manufacturers there is no doubt of the provenance, unlike some of the online suppliers.

There is tendency to “race to the bottom” with contact lens prices but inevitably there has to be a trade off with safety and quality.

” What others say 

“Just put in the contacts from Optical Solutions. They are fantastic…… For the first time ever I don’t feel them at all AND I can see! Imagine that!” Trish Pattison x


We don’t dispense lenses to patients who have defaulted from yearly checks or who present a prescription more than a year old.

Generally patients must be at least 13 years of age and of course minors (under 16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Automatic delivery can only be made to patients 16 years of age or over.

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