Optical Services

This is no ordinary optician. This is a medically run ophthalmic practice. Ensure the long term health of your family’s eyes, educational performance and street cred with our doctor’s expertise and range of trendy glasses.

Find out more about how we can help you:

  • Sight Test

    Regular sight tests or eye examinations are important at all ages from the early school years right through to advanced years.
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  • Medical Eye Examination

    This is a consultation for specific medical problems relating to the eyes and vision and is sometimes covered by the NHS in whole or part.
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  • Glasses

    Optical Solutions combines extensive hospital experience with a retail service dispensing high quality eyewear.
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Products Overview

  • Contact Lenses

    A wide choice of the latest soft contact lenses competitively priced.
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  • Magnetic Ready Reading Glasses

    If it’s time for a new pair of ready readers you will want to have a trendy and practical pair.
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  • Eyewear Necklaces

    La Loop, function and fashion.

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