May Crawford

Couldn't be without my magnetic readers.  

David Hunter

We were first introduced to Optical Solutions through my daughter's school where they had an open eye testing afternoon in Primary 1.  I have to confess at the time I thought my daughter was far too young to be having her eyes tested! But now realise after speaking to Dr Whittle that the eyes stop growing around 8 years old so the sooner any problems are identified the more chance there is something that can be done. We then went to see Dr Whittle at his surgery, and my daughter was told she would need to wear glasses when she did certain things such as reading and writing. After four years of wearing glasses at her recent check-up we were told her eyes had stabilised which we were delighted about.  This is all thanks to having been introduced to Optical Solutions by our school  for which we are  forever grateful. Dr Whittle and his wife are a great team and we have been looked after extremely well there and would recommend them over High Street opticians.

Rachel Groves

As a family we’ve been going to Optical Solutions for many years and they are so much more than a high street optician. The very fact that Dr Whittle is an Ophthalmologist and therefore medically trained to look out for any particularly sight, or eye issues, underpins the confidence it is easy to have in the service. I’m happy to say we haven’t ever had any problems detected but the fact that they would be detected, in the young, or old, gives me the reassurance to have my own, my child’s and my parents’ eyes cared for by Optical Solutions. There is no difference in price compared to high street eye tests so why wouldn’t you trust such an important thing – as your sight - to the very best. Nothing is ever too much trouble to the Optical Solution team, whether it’s making an emergency or out of hours appointment, mending glasses, advising on frame shape or colour, or dipping, and redipping, sunglass lenses against colour charts to ensure they are absolutely perfect, and dark enough, for water sports. I can park without cost, or hassle. If only going to the dentist was so easy!

Ann Stanton

Neuralgia had been my diagnosis for some weeks - "keep taking the painkillers" when, by a HAPPY CHANCE it was time for my annual eye test. Dr Whittle, in his thorough and conscientious way, asked about joint pains, unexpected weight loss and about the double vision I was beginning to experience. He, as always, listened well and came to a much more serious diagnosis which required large doses of steroids over a long period. He made it quite clear that a major catastrophe was about to overtake me if I did not comply. He certainly saved my eye-sight and, on thinking over the news about my health, I realised that he had saved my life!

Marie Barton

Many thanks again for your immense support yesterday, I would fly on a plane to come to you if I ever had to move away.

Luke Sim

It all started in mid March 2013 when my left eye developed discomfort and a small spot with redness around it. So I decided to buy eye wash solution and clean my eye in the hope the redness and spot would just go away. Unfortunately, after a week, the spot became a slightly deeper colour and the redness was still around the spot.  I was worried that this was some sort of ulcer that would lead to permanent damage to my eye sight. I was very impressed with the speed of Dr Whittle’s response to give an appointment for my eye the same day. Moreover, his level of service, his knowledge and qualifications concerning eyes and also contact lenses made me feel confident about the service and advice I received. After 2 weeks of the treatment suggested by Dr Whittle, the spot and redness are both gone. I strongly recommend Optical Solutions, because as a patient, you are not only receiving a normal eye test, but a full eye health check.

Angus Troup

Following a recommendation by a friend to Dr Whittle we have found the whole ambience and quality of treatment excellent.

Susan Heggie

We’ve been using Optical Solutions for many years and have always been impressed with the personal and efficient service we receive - each and every visit!  As Dr Whittle is a Ophthalmologist you not only get an ‘eye test’ you get a complete ‘eye health check’ at no extra cost!


Dr Whittle has looked after my eyes and my children's since we moved to Edinburgh a few years ago. The whole experience is a pleasure : Dr Whittle and his wife really take care of us, and it is a lovely environment. But most importantly, we receive an unparalleled level of care, thanks to Dr Whittle's level of qualification and experience. We are very happy coming here.


I value the consummate professionalism and skills displayed, also the careful examination and explanation of my eye health and needs. These attributes, combined with expert courteous advice on the choice of frame or lens desired, ensure that a consultation at "Optical Solutions" is a pleasant and confidence inducing experience - Top quality service at competitive High Street prices.
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