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Why do we visit the dentist but forget about our eyes?

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Why are eye examinations important?

In this country most children and adults visit the dentist for regular check- ups; however this practice does not extend to eye examinations. This is surprising as losing sight is one of the senses many people fear the most. Whatever the reasons for this anomalous behaviour, the result is that many children do not have any assessment of their vision after the rudimentary preschool check by the health visitor. This can be detrimental to both the child’s education and general development. It also means that many adults do not have a regular eye examination until early to middle 40s. An eye examination is not merely a vehicle for retailing glasses which appears to be a common misconception but a vital means of detecting early eye diseases as well as other diseases affecting the rest of the body.

As with dentistry, the NHS funds free eye examinations and partially funds the costs of glasses for children but unlike dentistry there is universal provision for eye examinations in adults also.

This allows for an NHS eye examination every two years for adults aged 19 – 59 and every year for adults aged 60 and above. In addition adults 40 or over with a family history of glaucoma and all diabetic adults are eligible for an eye examination every year.

Most eye examinations are carried out by high street optometrists (ophthalmic opticians), any further hospital treatment required is carried out under the supervision of an ophthalmologist (a medical doctor specialising in eye diseases). Some ophthalmologists work in high street practices providing both routine eye examinations and specialist opinion. This is commonplace in mainland Europe but still a rarity in the UK; however Optical Solutions in Edinburgh is one such practice.

Dr Jonathan Whittle, and what he can do for you

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Early detection of eye disease and other health problems, such as diabetes, can be identified through routine eye examinations, leading to successful treatment of many illnesses including both potentially life and sight threatening diseases.

There are under 100 medically qualified eye doctors, or ophthalmologists as we like to call them, practising in Scotland.

Of these, only one, combines extensive hospital experience with a retail service dispensing high quality eyewear.

Our mantra is ‘foresight not hindsight’. In short, there are no upsides to putting off an eye test, yet the downsides of ignoring uncorrected refractive errors are numerous.

By providing fast and cost-effective access to medical expertise, Optical Solutions helps to ensure that many more patients can benefit from early diagnosis of eye diseases. This is especially important in the case of macular degeneration where the newer forms of treatment are potentially sight saving.
In an age where supermarkets are offering walk-in eye tests and examinations, we believe that there really is no substitute for the best. Being prescribed the wrong glasses or contact lenses by a substandard practitioner can set you back years. Dr Whittle’s 22 years ophthalmological expertise means that he is able to conduct a thorough examination to detect any potentially serious eye conditions, before prescribing and dispensing the most suitable glasses or contact lenses.
With a recent Which? report casting serious aspersions on the calibre of optical professionalism on the high street, Optical Solutions is proud to have catered for hundreds of patients from its discreet premises in Edinburgh’s Ravelston area.
Dr Whittle is an Associate Specialist at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion. He’s also a supervising ophthalmologist in the Lothian Optometry Teach and Treat Clinic (LOTTC) training budding optometrists in managing and treating common and chronic eye disorders. You get the picture.

Just as you rely on your GP to diagnose and select your prescription, we passionately believe that a medically qualified eye doctor is best placed to prescribe your eyewear.

With Optical Solutions, what you see is most definitely what you get.

For a consultation at our discreet Ravelston premises please call 0131 337 9645 or go to the appointments page.

Dr Jonathan Whittle studied medicine at Edinburgh University, graduating B.Sc. (Honours) in 1983 and M.B., Ch.B. in 1985.
After pre and post-registration posts he began specialist training in 1987, working in Fife, the Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton and the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, Edinburgh.
He gained the Diploma in Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Surgeons of England (D.O., R.C.S.) in 1990, and fellowships of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (F.R.C.S.Ed.) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (F.R.C.Oph.) in 1991.
Dr Whittle has been a permanent member of staff at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion since 1995 where he is Associate Specialist and the director of the electrodiagnostic service and also a supervising ophthalmologist in the Lothian Optometry Teach and Treat Clinic.
Dr Whittle has been on the Ophthalmic List of Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners since 1994 and has been a member of the Lothian Local Ophthalmic Committee since 2010.
He is a member of the International Society for the Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (I.S.C.E.V.). and the British Society for the Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (Bri. S.C.E.V.)

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